Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At least she's got wardrobe options.

Nerds everywhere have been furiously unleashing their disapproval via their keyboards about the costume new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki, was supposed to wear for David E. Kelley's NBC pilot.  "It looks like something they got from a costume shop."  "It's too bright."  "Where's the American flag inspiration?"  When faced with questions regarding Wonder Woman's new, less patriotic look in the comics recently, DC stated they were attempting to give the character a more international appeal.  Looks like NBC is following suite.

Yes, the original was an icon but in trying to make a series based in current time, how ridiculous is she going to look running around fighting crime in a star spangled bathing suite and leather hooker boots?

Here are a couple photo manipulations I found online who attempt to fix the main issues and make it less "Halloween costumey".
The above puts were in almost the exact costume Diana currently wears in the comic book series.

This one went as far as trying to put her back into the original costume.  "They could have photoshopped better thighs," Jaime complained.  "They look like shaved hams."  Really?

My favorite is the above on the left.  It mutes the bright blue latexy hot pants she's wearing for the show giving her a much more realistic look.  The red boots are also a good touch.  If NBC gives in to all the complaining I hope they go with something more like this.  Not too drastic a change from their original concept, just tweaked a bit. 

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