Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catching up on my stories

Checked my Facebook earlier and noticed Anna commented on the pictures she posted from Jaime's younger brother's birthday party last weekend.  Jaime had mentioned to me he told his boyfriend, The Retard, nothing was going on but dinner.  He didn't want The Retard tagging along and putting a damper on the festivities, actually what Jaime said was, "he acts weird and will be up in my room all night and I don't want to babysit him."  Fair enough.

Unfortunately he didn't give Anna the heads up and The Retard got his feelings hurt stating he felt, "left out".  Guess Jaime appeased him by telling him Anna and I just showed up unannounced.  Same ole' Jaime.  Looks like some things never change.

She had a picture in particular where were sitting on Jaime's bed that night maxing out on left over taco salad.  I look like a big kid stuffing my face and Jaime had the goofiest grin while popping a chip in his mouth.

So I comment: "Jaime's so happy you'd think that was a dick flavored chip."

To which Anna retorts later in the day with: "Yeah, I guess yours was busy."


Considering what a bitch Jaime said The Retard's been playing when he opened up to me after Mexican Board Game Night, I didn't think this would be the best comment for him to read on his boyfriend's page.  Jaime has enough going on without needlessly adding to his issues with The Retard.  I know Anna meant no harm and I actually thought it was pretty funny.  I caved into my conscious and promptly called Anna and explained the situation, suggesting she delete the comment before The Retard gets a chance to sees it and starts to get ideas about Jaime and I.

After our talk the other night I guess I'm beginning to feel that protectiveness I had for Jaime once again.  I just have to remember to step back and allow him to live his own life but be there for me when I need, just as I expect him to do for me.  I think he may finally be worthy of that mantle he has sought so long:  best friend.  We just have to be careful about falling back into old pattern

We're supposed to have a GH marathon sometime next week. General Hospital and a box o' wine was a long time ritual for us after coming home from a long day working.  I noticed there has been a number of things I used to be into I have let fall to the side.  Things like comic book and action figure collecting and watching certain shows like Attack of the Show, The Soup and General Hospital.  For a long time some things were to painful to do without Jaime.  I'm glad I'm finally at the part where I can move on and look fondly at the past while remembering the mistakes I and those around me have made.  Now I can finally get back to my stories without crying for all the wrong reasons.

Did cousin Carly, rushing to General Hospital to get to her infant daughter who has just been diagnosed with baby cancer, run over and kill baby Jake, who coincidentally enough ended up giving up his kidney to save Joselyn from baby chemo. Carly also happens to be best friend's with the baby daddy, mob enforcer Jason Morgan, and first cousins with Lucky, who Jason signed over parental rights to in order to save Jake from being targeted by his enemies after he slept with and impregnated Lucky's wife, Slutty Liz who hates Carly. Whew.

Check out the rest of the suspect list of baby murders from here.

Fuck you abc. Fuck you for making grown ass men cry.

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