Sunday, March 13, 2011

What the hell is Paella anyways?

Getting a quick update in while Dante and Jun are out shopping for ingredients and booze for his "Crazy Paella Night" later.  I got Pandora blasting in the apartment while I take a break from cleaning up the place.  I'm trying my best to drown out the grunts and rustling from Jason banging the Leprechaun in the spare room.  It'll be pretty interesting if the rick shaw guy from the parade yesterday takes Jason up on his invitation.

Jun opted to go back to her place and sleep it off when Dante, Jason and I went out for dancing and drinks at Big Chick's last night where we ran into the Leprechaun, a good friend of Dante's.  Seems he and Jason had already gotten acquainted the night before.  Really acquainted.

We ended up in Boystown for a late night breakfast at the Gay-hop where Jason simultaneously hit on our homely waitress and scared the shit out of fairy couple on a date at the next table.

"I hate feminine guys!

Lol. Subtle.

Jason and I decided we wanted to continue the fun at Jackhammer but Dante decide he wanted to stay at his apartment.  I almost stayed with him but decided it may earn me a couple of cool points to have some bonding time with the "brother" figure.  Give him a chance to see first hand why I'm so awesome and Dante's lucky to have me.

I spent the rest of the night being dragged up and down the club like a rag doll by an extremely drunken and sweaty Arabian on the search for dick.  Luckily he found some geriatric steroid freak in a He-Man harness to catch his eye.

I kept myself busy, danced with a couple of guys.  The first's hands kept finding their way to my naughty bits and the other offered me some head in the bathroom so I ended up spending the rest of the night leaning against the wall doing me.  By doing me I mean adorably accepting drinks being offered while trying my best to avoid awkward conversation.  Soon after I found Jason and the Leprechaun, shirtless and sweatily macking in a dark corner.  He-Man Senior walked by and watched them for a second confused, then looked at me.  I shrugged and held up my drink in an apologetic toast.

Despite Jason's best efforts to lure the Leprechaun back to Dante's last night, we walked back alone.  Stopping at the playground nearby for a smoke we got into a long and interesting conversation.  I figured it was only a matter of time before Jason did the whole protective big brother thing.  It was a good talk.  Nice to hear Dante feels as strongly about me as I do about him.  I even opened up about my own insecurities.  Jason assured me I should hang in there.  Dante may be difficult but he really loves me.  He used the word love.  I think this weekend was really good for Dante and I.  We've been getting really closer.  More comfortable in acting like a couple in front of others.  It's like our guards are down and we can just be us.

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