Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A much needed rehashing of the past

I had an interesting conversation with Deejay today regarding his portrayal of the events leading to our break up over a decade ago to Dante the other week.  I was still a little annoyed at wondering what kind of reasoning Deejay could possibly have behind telling Dante we broke up because I cheated on him.  Deejay was going on about his trust issues with Jose stemming from all his failed relationships ending because he was betrayed in one way or another.

"Like when I cheated on you?" I asked.  He quickly switched the topic of conversation to his finding it difficult to be both mine and Dante's friends at time.  I told him it was easy, "don't gossip and don't talk shit."

Deejay went into his account of my "emotional" infidelity due to me hanging out with and building a relationship with Andre before Deejay and I were officially over.  He brought up the planted journal entry he found when I wanted to prove he was going through my personal journal when I wasn't around.

"Seriously?" I asked him.  "That was ten years ago.  Why would I lie about it?"  I had to remind him about an incident I had a few weeks before I officially ended things with Deejay.  I was living with him in an apartment in Humbolt Park, mostly out of convenience since Satan lost the apartment we shared to appease his flavor of the month who grew to resent our friendship.  Deejay was outside washing his car or something and I was on his computer downloading music.  Legally of course.  His yahoo messenger was open, as usual, and he received a generic "hey" message.

"Deejay's not here right now.  I'll let him know you wrote." I typed back.

"Who is this?"

"His boyfriend," I responded.

"Deejay doesn't have a boyfriend."

Seems this guy Deejay's was chatting with since long before me never heard one word about a boyfriend in the entire year we were together.  Odd isn't it?  Of course Deejay said it was an online thing, he never met the guy.  So he chatted with this guy the entire time we were together but never mentioned his boyfriend to him once.  How's that for "emotional" infidelity?

It was then I decided to use the number I got from Andre the weekend before.  Deejay begged me to throw it out but I wanted to make a friend.  It was my only intention, till after I broke up with Deejay.

Of course present day Deejay stuttered through his response at having it all laid out on the table.  "We were kids," he offered.  "We have better communication now."

I'm glad I cleared it up.  But Deejay has been getting some major strikes against him lately.  Let's hope he begins to take the hint and starts toning it down.  It was him who came to me wanting to learn to chill the fuck out more.

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