Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MY cheating heart?!?

What the hell could Deejay been thinking to believe it was ok to not only tell Dante the reason we broke up so long ago was my cheating on him, but then to ask him not to mention it to me?!?  So not only is my "friend" painting me as a cheater, I'm a "liar" too when I tell Dante I don't cheat on my boyfriends and he has already been told otherwise.

It meant a lot to me to hear Dante say he would explain to Deejay we don't keep things from one another in case he were to be confronted for telling me.  I explained the situation.  How EVERYONE does Deejay wrong in his eyes.  He has trouble seeing how his actions can cause certain situations.  It just really pissed me off.  I pride myself in being committed and honest in my relationships.

I've never been one to double dip. I believe if I'm with someone and I'm at the point where I'm gonna cheat on them, obviously there's a major flaw in the relationship. Better to break it off and end things positively than to damage my own integrity. Plus I don't need any karamic retribution coming my way.

Of course, mistakes are made. I'm only human. But the last and one of the only boyfriends I've cheated on was Andre. With Jaime, and Satan and Satan's brother, Antonio. But at this point he had already cheated on me with a good friend and got into the habit of disappearing on me for days on end while we lived together in Chicago Ridge, than would show up with dry, cracked nostrils, coked out of his mind from supposedly hanging out with his lesbians. I decided soon after it was over with Andre and soon after became involved with Antonio.

I never cheated on Deejay and even went as far as trying a threesome on his encouragement to make it work.

This thing with Dante is new.  I don't need people that are supposedly my friends infecting it with their own bullshit.  Especially since there are times I feel Deejay holds some kind of animosity towards me about having feelings for Dante.  Good thing we communicate well.

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