Monday, June 13, 2011

Straight College Boys. Making me cum since I was twelve.

Men from 'Straight College Men' in gay-for-pay scenes. brought to you by PornHub

The young man in timestamp 10:44 is incorporating a move I like to call "The Multi-Tasker". Good show.


  1. Your blog is hilarious! I have been having a genuine blast reading through so of your older posts.

    I remember when I realized that 'Haze Him' wasn't real. It was like someone told my 7 year old self that Santa doesn't exist. It used to look so realistic before it started getting to staged.

  2. Thanks man! Glad your enjoying.

    I agree completely with you on Haze Him. They have the gayest little queens trying to act like they're being tricked into gay play when it's obvious they can't wait to sit on that hard cock. lol. Have u checked out FratPad? Its more PG than X, but it's hot.