Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guys Whose Penis I Want Near or Around My Mouth

...i think this will be a series.

Oh the things I would do to this white boy's face.  Recently Adam Levine of Maroon 5 posed for a couple pictures to be used in a cancer awareness ad.  Unless this is a testicular cancer ad, I'm not sure how this is supposed to raise awareness.  Something's being raised for sure, Vlad the Impaler is already at half mast.  Contrary to popular belief, Im usually not into skinny white guys.  "Skinny, white guys are into me." I like to say.  but this guy has got some SWAGGER.  Mr. Levine walks, no struts, around like his cock swings down to his knees like a damn elephant's trunk.  Bet you I wouldn't know if I wanted to put it in my mouth or feed a peanut to it.  There has to be an outtake where this bitch gets her fuckin hand out the way and we get a clear shot at the goods once and for all.


Pierre Fitch
Porn star/dee jay/ hot ass little wigger (am I forming a pattern here), Pierre Fitch recently filmed a documentary chronicling his career.  Though his bratty demeanor can be a put off... oh, the things I would allow this little muthafucker
to do to me.  He could wreck me.  Shitty little attitude and all.

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