Friday, March 25, 2011

Drunken RockBand till 4 am and bitchy lil cunts who need a reality check

Hung out at Deejay's playing Rock Band 2 with him and his boyfriend, Jose, yesterday till 4am.

Jose's a cool guy, I can see myself being friends with him. Unfortunately I can already see that being a problem since for awhile there it seemed like Deejay was on a rampage of exploding, homosexual rage with no real target in sight.  Just being a little bitchy cunt in general.  I couldn't help recalling his words recently about how chummy me and Jose are when we all hang out.

"He pays more attention to you than he does me."


Deejay's insecure already. He has a tendency to put way too much expectations on guys he's barely seeing and tries to stomp the label of "boyfriend" way too early. Needless to say, he doesn't have the best track record with guys. Then most recently there was the whole Dante debacle, and the Milo thing, not to mention whatever the hell that was with the nineteen year old. Really? After the high horse Deejay straddled on when talking about Matt being twenty to my late twenty-ish.

Then the look he didn't think anyone noticed when Jose fed me shot after shot while I proved myself THE Guitar Hero.

There was more than one occasion I had to remind Deejay I could and would kick his ass if he pushed me too hard with his needlessly p(r)issy comments. I have to remind myself that's just him. He's negative and whiny and, yes, he has a great heart and has been there for me countless times. The thing is he has absolutely no problem unnecessarily reminded me and telling anyone who listens just how much he has been there for me, or anyone else for that matter.

Dante's about ready to completely write him off. The competitiveness can be a bit much. The latest obnoxiously inappropriate topic of conversation brought out being the size and importance of the firm Dante works for. I was busy wailing Alanis Morrisette's You Outta Know with Jose backing me up on guitar so I wasn't aware of this conversation till later when Dante brought it up. I would have barely been able to stop myself from asking Deejay what bullshit online college on par with Devry Institute of Technology did he obtain his degree. You're a frigging medical coder.

Douche bag.

Jose and I do battle for the title of Guitar Hero

"My fingers are small, I can't reach the blue button." Bitch.

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