Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good music over drunken shamrock shakes

Hanging out at Dante's place after the St. Patrick's Day Parade earlier. He's preparing a traditional Irish holiday feast of tacos and vodka while me, his coworker, Jun, and Jason take turns playing music and watching episodes of Rick and Steve.

Good thing we took a break to chill before going out tonight. It felt like we spent most of the parade chasing after a drunken Jun, who began pregaming it at 10 a.m., around the parade as she attempted to locate her black/Irish breathren. We met interesting people who were more than happy to share their liquor and smoke with us after Dante's rum filled hydration pack ran out, but Jun's high pitched squeals of her family name as if it were a call to arms to anyone related to her around began to wear a bit thin after awhile. My attempt to take a break from the shrieking banshee by stashing her on a rickshaw to meet us at the hotel landed Jason the number of the hot bi-sexual driver. Bully for him.

We were still the center of attention during our trip to McDonald's to "sober her up" and it continued through the train ride back to Jun's friend's apartment where we parked Jason's truck.  A little much, but all in good fun.

Now to catch our second wind, have some tacos and go get shit faced and party again tonight! Woo Hoo!

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