Friday, April 29, 2011

X-onked Out

Dante's best friend and psuedo-roommate, Jason came over last night after driving back in to the city from Tennessee.  He wanted to hang out since this will be his last weekend in town now that his Washington apartment's ready.  We had a good time.  Watched some movies, smoked some pot and ordered a shit load of food.  Jason's boyfriend, The Leprechaun joined us as well.  I was glad they came by.  Jason's a good guy and I'm glad we're boys regardless if I'm talking to Dante or not.

But it looks like I'm not the only one Dante's been rubbing the wrong way.  Jason was openly appreciative for the break from his "brother".  I saw that one coming a mile away.  I still don't understand how Dante agreed to, even suggested The Leprechaun move into his spare room.  I'm almost thankful I wont be around to see that implode.  

of course we got into the topic of what happened between Dante and I.  I don't make it a habit to ex-bash but I did offer up my side of the story,  Jason made it a point to let me know how different my side was from Dante's.  Whatever.  I don't think anyone's lying here.  We just have two different ways of looking at things.

Coming back from a bathroom break I overheard Jason tell The Leprechaun I was gonna be asking "Dante who" once the four Xanax's he popped into my mouth kick in.  There are certain assets in having crazy friends.  They get the best drugs.  I told them I've been like "Dante who?" for weeks now, only slightly feeling the numbing tingling in my limbs.

What the hell is up with my just opening my mouth and taking whatever pills people want to put things in my mouth?  Hmm. 

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