Sunday, May 1, 2011

inappropriate thoughts...

Sometimes when I'm taking care of a morning rager my mind begins to wander.  I find myself thinking about a certain guy I have no business saving to the spank bank.  Though he is younger it's not so much the age difference that bothers me but the inappropriateness of who he is.  But one can't help the fantasies I guess.  I keep thinking about his long, fat cock swinging behind loose basketball shorts, the outline clearly visible.  His long, hairy legs hairy, slender yet strong poking out.  I imagine those legs wrapped around my head as I service him.  That flat, stomach with the thin patch of dark course hair starting at the bottom of his navel and hiding underneath the elastic waistband of those boxer briefs he loves prancing around in.  Almost like he knows what he's doing.  That tight little ass I would have him begging me to fuck once I eat it till he can't take it anymore.  Pressing his huge feet against my chest as I plow into him.'ll have to excuse me for a moment.

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