Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bro code among the gays? Can't we all just get along?

All these failed relationships around me.  Jaime and The Retard.  Deejay and Jose.  Polish and Saul.  Dante and I.

I can't help thinking finding the common denominator in all of this.  Is my own bad luck in the matters of the heart bleeding onto those around  me?  Am I a jinx?

Let me break down this whole tawdry wanna be soap opera for anyone late to the show.  Jaime and I have been best friends w. benefits for over ten years now after he lied to me and told me he was 18 to my 23.  By the time I found out he was only 15 he had already integrated himself into my life, my friends and most unfortunately, my heart.  Polish was Jaime's childhood friend and first boyfriend.  The Retard and Polish once dated and had evolved into best friends when the whole unfortunate mess began between The Retard and Jaime, despite everything Polish and I did in our power to keep them apart.  Polish and The Retard end up on the outs due to the relationship.  Jaime and I end up on the outs due to the relationship.  Polish and I form an unspoken alliance, knowing our friendship was a sore spot for The Retard and Jaime.  Polish and I mess around after I turn to him after a heated argument with Jaime.  Never one to allow himself to be put in the back seat when it comes to me, Jaime once again (and far from the last time) forces himself back into my life and we grow close once again.  Jaime and I begin cheating on The Retard as Polish starts dating Saul who also doesn't care for The Retard.  Polish and Saul attempt to use me to torture The Retard but I bow out of all the bullshit deciding my friendship with Jaime is more important than any of the faggotry.  The Retard hates me and does stupid Mean Girl  shit to continue being no more than a steady nuisance in my life as he does with Polish.  Polish and Saul are on the outs and Polish is deported to Poland to deal with citizenship issues.  Saul and I hang out and end up messing around.  Looks like Polish and Saul weren't as over as he led me to believe and Polish returns and finds out about his boyfriend and I.  To this day he never questions me nor retaliates.  Still waiting for that one to come up but now that Polish has finally broken up with Saul he seems to have no problem using his new friendship with me to piss him off.  Jaime and I once again grow closer as his relationship with The Retard goes downhill and in a last ditch effort to maintain some kind of hold of Jaime, The Retard pathetically attempt to be my friend.  Isn't it strange now that The Retard's out of the picture Jaime, Polish, I and even China have had no problems getting along.

Now, secondary story line.  Deejay was my first boyfriend.  We recently began forming a friendship despite the same abrasive, self centered personality that drove me away to begin with.  Deejay introduces me to his friend, Dante and theirs an instant spark.  I pursue Dante, not knowing Deejay was harboring strong feelings for him and had made unreturned advances.  Deejay has a hard time with the Dante and I having feelings for each other and removes himself from the situation for his own sake.  Dante and I grow closer.  Enter Jose.  Deejay, now able to show off a man of his own reemerged in our lives.  Under pressures of my unemployment clashing with Dante's caviar tastes things quickly begin to deteriorate between us.  Due to Deejay's inability to not be a dramatic queen things do the same for his relationship.  Now that everyone in this foursome is single, Dante claims to be over his friendship with Deejay who was a bit much through this whole thing.  Dante and I are trying to be friends but at the moment we're still too hung up on wanting each other for it too work completely.  Jose and I have been talking and have plans to hang out tomorrow night.

"We need to celebrate your being single," he told me.

"And yours."

I'm just wondering how Deejay is going to take it.  Well, I know how he's gonna take it but let's see how long he takes to get over it.  Though me and Jose are just friend's I can see where what happened with Dante may just add to the sting.  I'll have to talk to him about it soon.

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