Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Spent the last couple days at Dante's.  It's been nice.  We've been getting close again.  Real close.  Really, really close. ;)  After an initial moment of awkwardness where we were both feeling the situation out it didn't take long for us to fall back into our usual pattern.  It felt good to hold him in my arms again.

I was planning on making a quick exit after spending the night the first morning but since Jason's been staying with him while things are prepared for his relocation for work to Washington he got a hold of me early on.  We hung out, made a big breakfast, watched some movies.  Next thing I know while trying to lure Dante back to his apartment for an "afternoon delight" I ended up agreeing to stay for dinner again.

Afterwards Jason and the Leprechaun made it a point to give us some alone time which we took full advantage of.  It was nice of them to consider us like that, but it still took a little getting used to having so many people in Dante's apartment.  

I know he was having a hard time dealing with having his parents visiting, especially since he quit all his anti-anxiety medication cold turkey shortly before.  I remembered how much he told me my presence helped relieve the stress during his trip back home during last New Years.  I wished I could have been there for him like that again.  Unfortunately I think I'm more of a source of stress in his life at the moment.  What's really confusing me is Dante offering The Leprechaun his spare room.  

Knowing how Dante is I made sure to clean up the place a bit before he got home from work.  But Jason didn't life a finger, not even to clean up after himself.  Even The Leprechaun's crap was everywhere.  I want to tell Dante to think about it but I don't think we're quite there for me to start throwing out opinions like that.  I understand he wants to help his friend get out of a fag and his hag living situation gone tragic but Dante has been going on and on about getting his place back to his self when this string of visitations ends.  Why jump into another roommate situation?  I don't know.  I'm really starting to take note on the differences between what Dante says and what he does.

OH!  AND EWW! Look what I stumbled upon while cleaning up the place a bit.  I don't even know what this is?!?


  1. It is good when you get to spend some quality time with someone, you can bond and have those long talks telling each other your thoughts and emotions. me and my boyfriend are going on a trip to Argentina to reconnect too. We already looked for apartments in Buenos Aires and got one. We want to be away from everything to see if we can get along in a different situation.
    Let´s see if it works!

  2. Awesome Kim! That sounds like the perfect setting to reconnect. Unfortunately for me things with Dante were just a little too far gone for us to make this latest reconnection stick. :( it hurts but sometimes u just gotta know it's for the best.

  3. Oh! and let me know how the trip to Buenos Aires goes. I'm jealous! :)