Monday, April 4, 2011

Caught in a bad bromance?

I stirred awake around 5am this morning. Jaime and I passed out on the couch in front of the television after polishing off the thirty pack from the other night and a few bowls. We ended up not going to Tranny Bingo like we planned cause The Retard caught wind of our idea and decided to crash. Wasn't sure which of Jaime's reasons not to go after all trumped the other: The Retard retarding any fun we were hoping to have, or the bartender Jaime fucked behind his back working the night?  Mine is not to judge, mine is to sit back and enjoy the show.

Got another ear full on The Retard's bad behavior, how he doesn't appreciate Jaime and the efforts he makes for their relationship, how he act's like a girl, how annoying Jaime finds his transparent attempts to make everything a competition and about him and cries for attention. Jaime discussed how weird it was to be able to talk to me about The Retard but was glad he could. I told him I felt the same. I'm glad we've mended fences. Jaime's my best friend.

That being said I woke up this morning with his hard on in my hand. Still hazy from sleep I found myself stroking him through his jeans. It didn't take long for him to undo his pants so I pulled it out and started blowing him.

"I'm still drunk," I hear him between moans of pleasure letting me know I must be doing a good job. I smile, taking note of his "out" from the situation if this particular tryst somehow came to light. Smart boy.

His tight thighs tense, almost to the point of shaking, his tell he's close to busting his nut.  I'm surprised how muscular they feel in my grip.  Out of habit I swallow his load. I notice his dick remains hard, which is unusual, so I continue taking it deep in my throat. My gag reflex disappeared years ago with practice. He bookends my head with his knees and his hips buckle slowly. I grab a pillow and place it underneath his ass. Spreading his cheeks I use my forearms to hold the back of his thighs in place above his head and go to town on his asshole with my mouth. My tongue flicks at and laps against and circles his tight, hole for a good half hour, his pleasure becoming more vocal. He reaches his hands to encourage my head deeper and then goes on stroking my head, rubbing my shoulders.

We woke up this morning like nothing happened. He got ready for work, kissed me goodbye and was off.


It took me so long to get over Jaime. Granted, I'm extremely good at separating sex and emotion but it's been ten years already. How long are Jaime and I going to continue using one another for sexual gratification?  Regardless of what transpires, I will never find myself in that rut I did years ago because of him.

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