Friday, April 8, 2011

Is this a little pervy?

So I've been engaging in a mild flirtation with Manuel for about a year now. Interesting story, during my foray into a career in education what feels like eons ago, Manuel was in my very first class I t.a.'ed for. He was a cute kid but there was never any kind of inappropriateness. I was the cool young faculty member, all the kid's loved me and came to me with a range of issues and problems. I spent a lot of my time reminding student's I didn't need to hear some of the intimate details they decided to share at times.

Now, 23, after bumping into Manuel while he was working as a stock boy for a grocery store we exchanged numbers and have been messaging each other back and forth pretty frequently. It started off innocently, after discussing out mutual orientations (funny, I knew he was gay before he did, when he was a sophomore in high school) we delved into flirty. He started telling me things like he wishes he would have known I was gay when I was teaching him and we could have been having lots of fun in the locker rooms when no one was around. Eww. ...kinda.

My "relationship" with Dante recently put the flirtation on hold. It hasn't gotten physical but since the breakup, Manuel and I have graduated to texting one another dick pics and beating off for one another via web cam. He's been trying to convince me to film our sex marathons when we finally do decide to hook up.

He's legal, and there's nothing inappropriate about the age difference now that everyone is of adult age but there's still a little part of it that's kinda "eh" about the whole thing. He was my student for three years. Am I crossing some kinda moral line here?


  1. Well it's like this, you guys are both consenting adults. You no longer work at the high school and he no longer is in high school. However, he's young and you have quite a few years of life experience on him. Break the cycle that is just legal dick.

  2. It's not really a cycle of legal dick I actively pursue. Younger guys just have a thing for me. Neither of us really have any expectation with this. We're not looking to date or anything. It's mostly a fuck buddy situation. Did we just add ANOTHER form to talk to one another? LOL. This is like an abuse of communication or something. I'm gonna text you, than send you an IM through yahoo, facebook AND google. Wait for my text and delivery pigeon to arrive for further instructions.

  3. LOL, you have a point. Look out the window and sit tight. I will be sending smoke signals to give you my opinion! I know that you don't seek these guys out, and I didn't think it would be a serious relationship type situation, but I thought you were trying to avoid the whole casual encounter stuff. That's all.