Saturday, April 9, 2011

mixed emotions

I got a call earlier.  It was Jaime, he was almost in tears.  The Retard never showed up at the train stop last night where his mother was supposed to pick him up after work and he hasn't been heard from since.  They also had plans to spend time together tonight, since they haven't in two weeks but hasn't been able to get in touch with him.  His mother and Jaime called around hospitals and police stations and anyone who may have heard from him with no luck.  The Retard's best friend, China, (who's a snip away from being a tranny) did get a hold of a girl who said he had texted her early this morning looking for weed but when he pressed her for more information she stopped responding.  I tried my best to calm my friend's nerves but I wasn't sure what to hope for.  For Jaime's sake I hope nothings happened to The Retard.  I don't know if he'd ever get over it.  But if he's ok, it doesn't look good.  Why is he ignoring everyone's calls?  Especially Jaime's.

He vowed if nothing has happened to him he's through.  This is the last straw.  I woulda thought the last straw was the time he got a blow job from some random as revenge for Jaime not spending time with him to hang out with me months ago.  Jaime got a picture message depicting the act from a friend of The Retard's the next morning.  Jaime drove me to work and went on the whole ride how he was over it.  By the time I left work 9 and a half hours later they had "talked it out".  ...  mine is not to judge.  mine is not to judge.

Manipulation by threat of infidelity?  I would have hoped my friend smarter than that.

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