Saturday, April 16, 2011


I noticed my blog has been searched specifically by name recently.  I think in light of recent events a little paranoia is warranted.  Have I been found out?  An innocent reader perhaps?  A spiteful ex or someone looking for a little revenge?

I'm the type of guy who doesn't talk shit.  If I have something to say I will say it to your face, as long as I have a reason to.  I don't just go around looking for confrontation or ways to hurt people's feelings.  These are my personal thoughts and feelings.  Maybe I had a thought at the moment that I didn't feel the need to say out loud.  I am a firm believer of measuring a man by not only his words but by what he doesn't say.  Sometimes I need to work things out in my head.  I find it easier, and more productive to work out my issues internally before I decide how to proceed with others.  I try my best to respect other's privacy and not put out too much of their business but sometimes in telling the story it can't be helped.

Either way, whether it be my narcissistic need to have my written words read by strangers that brought me here.  Or maybe this is just an outlet where I can deal with the stresses of my life without having to expose my personal feelings and inner most thoughts... well at least not to my closest friends and family.  Maybe this is just a way for me to practice my writing and everything and one written about in this blog is made up.  A figment of my imagination.  Whatever.  Just sit back and enjoy the fucken show bitches.  :)

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