Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Slutty sucks toes." Jaime to Polish while listing my positive attributes.

After The Retard finally emerged, he claimed he'd been drugged up and woke up on someone's floor, Polish picked me up and we went over to China's place to attempt to cheer Jaime up.  Jaime's convinced he's lying due to the call for smoke he made this morning and broke up with him.  In a pathetically desperate attempt to deflect The Retard brought Jaime's repeated infidelities with me.  He even claimed I was contacting him telling him about Jaime lying to him and rubbing it in his face about Jaime and I spending so much time together, even our sleeping over one another's place.  Good thing I always saw him for the piece of shit he was and knew better than to trust him.  So it's my fault then?  I made sure everyone understood to relay the message if he ever see's me out and about he better pray I don't spot him cause I am going to bash his face in.  This ass whupping has been 5 years in the making.

China, Slutty, Polish & Jaime during happier times
After some angry music, a bottle of vodka and a lot of listening to Jaime Retard bash, we decided to head out for more drinks and dancing at a local dive Jaime's been sneaking into since he was nineteen.  We had a good time.  Got a guy's number I made out with on the dance floor.  Jaime kept trying to say there was some kind of sexual tension between Polish and I and that we need to just get it over and fuck already.  I turned to Polish and asked, "Hey, you wanna fuck when we get back?"

"Sure," he smiled.  We flipped a coin to see who would bottom.

"Ladies first," I told him.  He chose tails.  I flipped heads.  We agreed.  I'd fuck the shit out of him when we got back.  I kinda never realized how cute Polish really is.  Hmm.  Wonder if that may go anywhere.  We messed around one time a couple years ago after drinks with his sister and boyfriend.  During the ride to China's Polish told me he had let his ex Saul believe he was gonna hang out alone with me for some reason.  Saul didn't like that much.  Polish didn't care.

"If anything happens, it happens.  We're both single," he smiled crookedly.

The night kinda went downhill for me when we ended up back at the scene where I met that cross dressing asshole with the spiky reddish head last November.  I was drunk on an empty stomach so it was just freaking me out to be there a little more than it would have.  Then while Polish and I took a cigarette break we saw some dude on a motorcycle get plowed by some drunk chick.

Back in the car I hugged Jaime's waist in the back seat and he told me if I was down there I may as well put it in his mouth.  I shot him a dirty look but now thinking back it probably would have been a great story for China to relay to The Retard.  One of them would have undoubtedly whipped out a camera phone.  He then broke down crying.  Which made me cry.  :(


  1. Sounds like a gay old time. It's times like these that I miss being a southsider. Oh the tales of being a wingman to the gay boys. Goodtimes...goodtimes

  2. I was just thinking the other day. "I wish Kitty lived closer again."