Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tearful brunches while asian children are having epileptic seizures over Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Stayed over Dee Jay's place last night. He needed someone to let the cable man in while he worked in the morning so he picked me up yesterday afternoon and we got something to eat. Of course he wasted no time steering the topic of conversation to what's going on between Dante and I. Oddly enough, I filled him in on V.D.'s Revenge.

As much as I've been trying to pretend my recent problems with Dante haven't been bothering me, I know deep down they are. And Dee Jay has known me well enough to hear what I don't say. I spilled my guts even though I usually don't open up to my friend like that. Not that I don't see him as a true friend, Dee Jay's proven himself to me this past year. He's also proven himself to be extremely opinionated. Plus he likes the sound of his voice a little too much. A potentially obnoxious combination in my eyes. I'd rather just save myself the frustration of having to listen to his unrequested two cents. Sometimes all you need to do is to talk AT someone. Not to. Sometimes all you need to do is to vent and have someone listen without attributing your problems to a story you're in no mood to listen to or without getting advice you didn't request.

I teared up a bit when I finally said out loud I thought this may be the deal breaker that ends things between Dante and I.

Again, I couldn't help notice how many times Dee Jay emphasized how much more compatible me and him were than me and Dante are. Whatever. Of course he couldn't wait to tell me what a wonderful Valentine's Day he spent with his boyfriend.


Later we went back to his place and I took out my frustrations on his PS3 playing the new Capcom vs. Marvel 3. The game play is great with easy to learn moves and it looks awesome with it's bright colors and flashing lights almost like an animated comic book.

The Phoenix, kicks serious ass, going ape shit at level 5 and turning into Dark Phoenix as her hyper. Galactus as the game boss quickly bitch slapped us both and we realized flipping this game wouldn't be as easy as we thought. I quietly enjoyed how pissed off Dee Jay got.

Plus the edition of random character Arthur, from Ghouls n Ghosts is pretty cool, especially how he runs into his armor in nothing but his boxer shorts like he does in the original video game.

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