Saturday, February 12, 2011

OHMYGOD! It's so fluffy I could die!

So a while ago Deejay posted this on his page.  This after he made me sit there and listen to him go on and on about his boyfriend telling him he loved him and how he was nervous and wasn't quit sure how to tell him he loved him back! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  When have I ever gave him the impression I enjoyed our girl chats?  How did I become "his guy", as he puts it.  Then this.  Really?  Are we twelve year old girls.  I want to get on the train, take it to his apartment and take a shit on his front steps.  Just when I thought he couldn't out gay himself.  Speaking of which.  Not only am I watching Brokeback Mountain on Logo while I'm blogging but I am wearing a Biore nose strip and a clay pore reducing face mask while I'm doing it.  I even squealed a little when I saw it was on.  "I wish I knew how to quit you, Eniss."  Heath Ledger did go balls out with the whole hawking a looger into his hand to lube himself up before plowing Jake Gyllenhall.  (PS I couldn't give two shits about looking up the correct spelling of that goofy looking bastard's name.)

And yes, my bitterness has everything to do with my hiatus from Dante.  First it was cause I was so sick.  Then it was cause he just always seemed to have something to do.  His friend, the married bisexual, is about to leave town again so I guess I can't take it too personally.  Just couldn't help notice how there was no mention of me joining him and his friend's for the Anti-Valentine's Day Bar Crawl I was invited to a few weeks ago.  Guess he just needs to do him.  I'm just shocked I hadn't managed to fuck this up sooner.  It sucks to realize how much you miss someone as it seems they realize just how much more fun they can have with out you around. 


Does anyone else feel like Johnny Wier should have a "caution" sign on at all times cause it's quite possible he may burst into flames at any moment?

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