Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Grandmother, a short film by David Lynch

David Lynch is one sick, twisted bastard, and I love him for it. I was watching a compilation of shorts while I was stuck at Dante's apartment sick and I couldn't help be confused, repulsed, intrigued and more at the surrealistic combination of animation and live action.
I couldn't keep my eyes off of Six Heads Getting Sick or The Alphabet where Lynch manages to pull the viewer into a nightmare compiled of simple images and sounds.  But The Grandmother was by far my favorite of the six shorts.  A dark fable with little dialogue, Lynch once again deals with child abuse and what I read as incest.  He also uses one of (what I believe) is his favorite devices:  the dinner scene with layers upon layers of subtext, subsequently used in both his films Eraserhead and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.  I also couldn't help notice the similarities between the corpse used on the cover art (from Six Heads) and the image of murdered prom queen, Laura Palmer, wrapped in plastic at the beginning of the television series Twin Peaks.

Watch Lynch's The Grandmother here.

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