Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skeeching Bisexuals and a video recap of Snoacalypse oh-eleven.

Still sick, still stuck at home and I'm starting to run low on weed.  FML.  In too much pain for cabin fever but I am definitely starting to get bored. 

Talked briefly with Dante again.  No real resolution.  Looks like he has this married friend of his staying with him while he's in town on business for a few days.  A bisexual dude who I'm not sure whether or not his wife knows about him speaking fag.  I always find it impolite to ask.  He kinda reminds me of my good friend Jerry.

It was only last week we were all dealing with the Groundhog Day blizzard but videos from the snow storm are still popping up.  Here's a couple of my personal favorites.

Below, The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore reacts a little too excitedly to ThunderSnow. He may have drawn wood. He's a professional weather man, right?

The following is a warning tale, a fable if you will. It's about loss, and treachery. Dishonesty and karmaic retribution. I felt like The Simpsons' Nelson Muntz pointing and laughing by the end of this.

I heard it all day. Dante heard it all day. My momma heard it all day. DONT GET ON LAKE SHORE DRIVE DURING BLIZZILAH. So who do these asshole's with cars stuck on LSD during the snow storm have to blame? Their damn selves. Dumb asses.

Ok, this next guy is pretty bad ass and if i wasn't sick last week I woulda been skeeching my self.

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