Sunday, February 13, 2011

Movie review over a wounded heart...

Matt and I joined my sister and the douche-in-law for a late showing of The Black Swan in down town last night.  Despite eagerly wanting to watch this movie since seeing the trailer before it's release I found myself dozing off during the drawn out set up at the beginning.  After awhile Matt just left his hand on my crotch and squeezed accordingly to keep me from snoring.  It  started off slow but once it got going Matt wasn't the only thing that had me by the balls.  

I couldn't help but feel a natural dislike for the weak and reserved "Nina", played by Natalie Portman, which sounds about right.  This is an Arnofsky film.  His main characters tend to be so internally flawed the audience usually finds it hard to relate to, let alone like, the character.  On the other side is the enigmatic Mila Kunis as "Lily";  the rival ballerina, the free spirited seductress who taps easily into the dark energy needed to play The Black Swan, a wall the uptight Nina hasn't been able to break.  Once again I find myself mesmerized by Kunis who plays the vixen perfectly.  Then there's the surprise lesbian sex scene...

Black Swan
Without throwing out any spoilers, I must say I couldn't help but to pay close attention to the interactions between Lily and Nina and to the way the other characters interacted with Lily and Nina to either prove or disprove my theory Lily was Nina's Tyler Durden. 
The whole "what the fuck"ness of the final dance at the movie's climax only made the abrupt ending that much better.  This is one to definitely rewatch a couple of times.

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