Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lindsay, Henry Cavill AND Superman. It's like my wet dream in here.

Lindsay Lohan in talks for a "major" role in the new Superman reboot. The article states it's not to play Lois Lane. Hmm, Lana Lang? The rumored Supergirl character? Watch it be for the "major" role of Superman's Kryptonian mother who assisted in putting him into the rocket aimed at Earth moments before their home world blows. I call bullshit.

Read the NY Post article here.

After watching Lohan as the machine gun packing, drugged up party whore (type cast, much?) turned vigilante nun in latest installment of the Robert Rodriguez Grindhouse series, Machete, I couldn't help longing for the Lindsay of old. What happened to that adorable little ginger spit fire we fell in love with Mean Girls. The Mistake and I actually saw the film four different times in the theater. So gay. How about the time she played...um. Yeah. Guess her career pretty much rose and fell with Mean Girls.

We need a redo after the abomination that was Superman Returns. Don't fuck this up for us Lohan. Henry Cavill. In tights. Nuff said.

Take a look at The Tudor's Cavill cropped into the costume. Click here for the article on his being cast as the Man of Steel himself.

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