Monday, January 31, 2011

What my boyfriend beats off to.

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I've never been the type of guy to snoop.  I feel very strongly about people respecting my privacy and come from the "practice what you preach" way of thinking.  So while I have been spending a lot of time at Dante's new place alone I never had the inclination to go through his belongings to find any remnants of boyfriend's past still left over or googling all the names on every prescription bottle in his medicine cabinet.

But the other day while I was hanging around waiting for his new futon for the guest room while Dante was at work he called me to ask if I could find something for him in the ottoman.  I couldn't help but find the porn featured in this post.  I was rather impressed at our similar taste in men cause mister Brian Green over there is FAWKING HAWT.  I couldn't help to beat off to it a couple of times myself.

One thing though.  What's up with the distended urethra on dude in the cover shot?  Eww.

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