Sunday, January 30, 2011

Festering Glands

Still sick. I'm going to the doctor first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe I waited a bit too long. Missed drinks at Hydrate last night.Wasn't able to check out the ice sculpture competition at Navy Pier today. Boo. It sucks to be me.

Had an interesting conversation with Raven yesterday after her furniture hunt with Dante. She mentioned being contacted by someone at regarding her blog. Awesome. She went on to tell us how she has opted out of the blood transfusion that could possibly cure her disorder. Raven has a blood disorder where her blood cell don't multiply and separate from each other like healthy cells do. Her cells replicate, but clump together causing mutations in the cells and not allowing her to get the proper nutrients her body needs to run correctly. At first I didn't understand why she wouldn't allow the doctors to completely replace her blood with a series of transfusions, most likely getting rid of the disorder but as she explained it I couldn't help but almost agree with her decision to instead take a heavy load of supplements and medication.

We've all heard stories about how after a limb or organ transplant, the patient begins to have memories that aren't theirs or begin to pick up strange unusual habits they never exhibited before. Our blood carries DNA which makes us who we are. What would happen if all the DNA, your DNA, is replaced with a combination of other people's. With such a big part of what makes you, you gone and filled with others DNA what happens to you? There's just so much we don't know about the blood, things scientists are learning everyday to risk something like that. I'd be scared myself put into that situation. Would I still be me?

The idea intrigues me. I want to somehow incorporate it into the character synopsis of the main character in the newest novel I've been working on. I think it would add an interesting layer to the question of whether or not someone is born evil? Or can they be infected by evil and thus be forever changed by prolonged exposure.  Like sometimes things happen that are so basically bad and evil that it taints the soul.  Maybe it's all in the blood. In our DNA.  It's all very Lynchean.  Which reminds me.  Now's a good time for a Twin Peaks marathon. 

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