Monday, January 24, 2011

Crossing swords and bumping donuts.

Ok, something's been really bothering my lately.  Things with Dante are going great.  I helped him move into his new place, even spent the entire weekend with him while he shopped and furnished and set up the apartment.  I find myself liking him more and more.  Even confided in his co worker and good friend who we went out for drinks with the other day of my intentions of making it official.  There's just one problem.  I'm scared that we're not sexually compatible.  It's completely true about what I say about two bottoms not making a right, but what about two tops?  There's only so much making out, heavy petting and fellatio two young, healthy, attractive homos can do before the inevitable lead to someone getting penetrated.  What are we supposed to do when neither is very gun ho about getting a dick up the ass.  Me being me, I think since his penis is the larger of the two I should be the one to stick it to him since it will obviously hurt less.  No go.  Plus after the incident I'm barely now being able to want to get into sexual situations and adult content.  We've tried.  I've yelped like a little girl and said, "FUCK THAT! I'm just gonna give you head."

We tried last night on the inflatable mattress in his unfurnished apartment again to no avail but actually this morning we were able to have sex a little longer than usual.  But then it got to be too much and I had to stop.  Baby steps.  I don't care what kind of negative connotations people view guys who bottom.  That shit hurts!  I give them mad respect.  It takes a real man to take a cock up the ass.

I'm just worried cause Dante's attractive.  And there's no shortage of thirsty fags sniffing around his dick for a taste.  He a man.  How long is he going to put up with me with holding  sex from him?  I'm not sure how long I would if the situation was reversed?  Maybe I just need to man up, chug down something strong and REALLY alcoholic, blaze up a doobie and get fucked.  We'll see how tonight goes.  I decided to try again after our dinner double date with Deejay and his new trick/boyfriend(?).  I don't know.  I can't keep track with that guy sometimes.

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