Friday, January 21, 2011


I pride myself on being a problem solver.  If there is a particular issue I'm taking umbrage with at the moment I like to deal with the situation head on.  Take this whole Matt and Marky bullshit.  I know Marky is a coked out, emotionally stunted, walking hard on who can't have an adult conversation to save his life and likes to pitch a bitch whenever he feels a situation isn't revolving around him enough.  I know Matt is young, inexperienced and dickmatized by any large cock attached to the nearest Latino.  I could have sat back and watched this train wreck collide with a bowl of popcorn in my lap and a cool beer in my hand.  But, Matt's my friend.  And Marky ignored my warnings not to mess with MY people like that.  He can play hoe trick with his random pieces of ass all he wants but don't bring that shit to my house.

I had an interesting online chat with Marky earlier where he practically laughed hysterically at the idea of his hooking up with Matt.  Odd, since for some reason Matt has it in his head they made some romantic connection.  He had a few derogatory comments to make about Matt.  Somehow I think both of them aren't being completely honest.  Which really, it's none of my business and I don't care.  But don't lie to me.  I'm not stupid and neither one has the brains to pull off pulling the wool over my eyes.

I lured Matt over later that night with a bag of weed and he brought along a bottle of Irish Whiskey he swiped from his parent's liquor cabinet.  Classy, huh?  We had a good time and I made it a point to conveniently leave my chat session open on my lap top which was placed on my desk.  Not too obvious, but if i learned anything from The Mistake it's that when left to their own devices, a true homo wont be able to resist being nosey.  Matt didn't disappoint.  It wasn't too long after a purposefully prolonged trip to the washroom that he was ranting about what a prick Marky was and that he couldn't believe he could be so stupid.  Even going as far as sending him an angry (and drunken) message.  Oops.  I even feigned annoyance at his invading my privacy.

...I'd like to thank the academy.

Nipped that in the bud.  But oddly enough.  We ended up with each other's tongues in our mouths and spooning on the couch till the next morning.  Ok, let's get one thing straight.  I don't like Matt like that.  We're just friends.  But we were drunk and it's always nice to have a warm body to rub against on a freezing winter night.

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