Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Matt's drama, strike one

It's not in my nature to spread my friend's business.  It's not my place, nor is it my business to share.  So when I feel the need to actually tell somebody something I've been told with deep confidence I do it after a lot of thought and a heavy heart.  It's been less than a month since I ended things with Matt and so far we haven't had too many issues in trying to continue a friendship.  I did notice how sometimes I feel like he puts on a little added show for my benefit whenever there's another guy in the room.  "Look what I can do!"  Especially if my attention is being spent on someone else.  Hanging out with Matt and a friend of mine whose HIV positive made me realize just how dangerous a situation like that could be.  I had to let Matt know my friend's status to ensure he didn't drunkenly make a mistake he could regret for the rest of his life.

What I don't appreciate is having that information thrown back at me and used in some pathetic vie for my attention.  While celebrating my sister's birthday I get an urgent message from Matt asking for my friend's phone number.  I inquire why he needed my friend's number and he states that he's scared he's with the guy who infected him.  Now when I hear "with" I assume he means he knows him sexually, not as in his presence.  I feel for Matt but still wonder aloud why he needs my friend's number because any mention of this would let him know I told my ex boyfriend about his positive status.  Then I start getting messages from my friend wondering why my ex boyfriend is leaving him messages online stating he "desperately needs to talk to" him.

What.  The.  Fuck?

I spend the entire dinner trying to figure out how to handle all this while I have the added worry of Matt being with someone who may be HIV positive.  Come to find out Matt meant he was hanging out with the guy in question but hadn't done anything with him.  Then why the urgency?  Why the desperate messages to both myself and my friend who he could have easily ruined my friendship with if he would have let it slip I told him?

Below is the chat transcript of my conversation with Matt the morning after his dramatic outburst.

me - hey

him - hey
last night was insane

me - yeah it was.
is everything ok?

him - can i tell you everything that happened?

me - yes. call me

him - i cant (he couldn't yesterday night as well which would have cleared everything up so easily)

me - ok. shoot

him -okay
i went over to this guys house
ive been talking to him and i decided hes cool ill go over and chill with him he lives right by me anyways
his name is max ____
i was like _____
i have a friend with the same last name as you!
his name is ____ though
thinking nothing of it
this dude knows him
and apparently they are enemys

me - everyone knows ____
and very few people like him

him - (my friend) had this dude beat up and whatever blah blah blah
they used to date

me - he's rather abrasive in his personality

him - but meanwhile
i go to this house and the second i step foot in there i know i am the most educated person in there
this guy max didnt make it past the 8th grade

me - wow

him - yeah

me - u sure can pick em, huh?\

him - they are all puerto rican in there too
they are literally SCREAMING their conversations
BLASTING music whioe there is a sick grandma in the next room
smoking blunts

me - lmao. thats puerto ricans for u

him - m like
this is everything i was raised not to be yet i am here
lol oh well....
max said him and (my friend) used to date many years ago
im not sure if we are talking about the same ____ becasue max is not smart
he cant read or write
well he can write but there are a lot of mispellings and grammar errors
but its understandable
so since he didnt make it past the 8th grade its kindaobvious
no reading or writing
no math
i looked at him and he is 34 years old
he has stab wounds on the top of his head
where people have slashed him
that are still healing
i want to help him out

me - how can u possibly help him out

him - i told him if he can get a job and pay for classes to get his GED i will tutor him when i can for free
ill teach him how t o read

me - i digress. continue with how this got about (my friends) status and involving me

him - and to write
and do simple math
this got involved with ____ because he said he knew him
i wasnt going to say anything else just ask him a question
and this got involved with you because i needed an educated life form

me - u made it seem like u knew this was the guy who infected him. how did u come to that conclusion?

him - and cuz your like my number one fan
i think he might be

me - im not ur number one fan dear
did u do anything sexually with this guy?

him - im not sure though and its not any of my business because im not planning on getting with this guy

me - so why did u feel the need for all the dramatics last night? even goin as far as to write (my friend). u made it seem like u slept with this guy and now u thought u were infected
just cause he knew him?

him - what?
i didnt sleep with him or made it seem like that
and i wasnt being dramatic to (my friend)
i felt really uncomfortable for a minute and i was texting you
and i didnt mean to be dramatic to anyone
im sorry i will think before i write next time
and dont feel like what you told me is ggoing to get you into shit

me - please do. i was worried. and (my friend) calls me all bent outta shape wondering wat u could possibly need to talk to him so urgently about

its not. cause all i did was look out for my friend

him - i wouldnt ever open up my mouth to anyone about that ever

me - if it ever comes out thats wat i will tell him

him - tell him what?

me - that the only reason i told u is because i felt u may need to know.
but i also know (my friend)

him - i know but i wasnt interested in him like that

me - he's overly dramativ and holds grudges
and he's already pissy with me about the whole dante thing

him - whats that about
im sorry but dante seems way into himself
and im not saying that because im jealous
but even when we were boyfriends he was all over you

me - u dont even know him in the very least

him - nor would i want to after the little that i do

me - we were nt boyfriends that night until u saw us together

him - it doesnt really matter
i dont care

me - in fact im pretty sure tthats the only reason we got together. lol
lol. i didnt bring it up

him - i did
i know im just telling you he'll stab you in the back if it comes to the point of you or him
thats all
but on to the next topic lol
what are you doing

me - ummm no.
how do u even come to a conclusion like that about someone u know nothing about?
whatever u heard from ____ remember to take with a grain of salt because _____ is pissed cause dante didnt want him

him - certain types of people have certain types of patterns
thats all i want to say
and all i will concerning this topic
im not saying anything else about him

me - lol. ok matt.
im gonna go do something elsewhere now. ill talk to you later

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