Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looks like he'll attach himself to whatever penis is available and come along for the ride as long as he gets to be close enough to watch the show

Oh Matty, Matty. What can I say about the newest addition to the "Ex" men turned fav gay little brother. I'm not quite sure if he's just playing dumb in hopes I will swoop in and save him or if he really is this naive.

See this is why I don't usually have many gay friends. Really? Seriously? Matt likes Marky?!? He thinks he's sweet. And OH SO masculine. What. Thefuck? Who the hell did he meet when we all hung out the other night? Sweet? Masculine? Wow.

And don't get me wrong. There isn't an ounce of jealousy attached to this little rant. Like I told Matt, he's young, single, attractive. If he's out there looking for a good time than hop on. But he's talking about someone to share his life with, to wake up in the mornings with. Marky? MASCULINE?!?  Of course, there's also the main plot point:  Marky has a boyfriend.  Which Matt claims Marky has denied his existence to.  Really?  Cause his Facebook status plainly states "in a relationship".  Not to mention Marky's proclamations of love and dedications he makes quite frequently to "the one I love".

"I don't know what to believe?"

Really, Matt?  See, I'm not jealous.  I'm frustrated.  I'm not dumb and can usually see through people's bullshit.  I also like to believe that I surround myself with fairly intelligent people.  It would disappoint me to know someone who is really as stupid as you are trying to make me believe you are has infiltrated my inner circle.  I'm also pretty annoyed he thinks I'm this stupid to not see right through his games.

His feelings are so strong for someone who has said no more than 5 words to him in person?  Who outwardly and vocally lets people know that he is NOT attracted to white men.  The night he made this supposedly strong bond with Marky was the same night he was practically presenting himself to me for penetration any moment he got.  What's messed up is I don't even believe he is really into me.  He's just nursing a bruised ego at my rejection of him for Dante.

I fucked up though.  I tried my best to play the role of concerned friend.  I listened and gave creative criticism but it just started getting more and more ridiculous.  I should have just let Matt go through the motions of pursuing Marky, and then tried my best not to laugh in howling, shoulder wracking hysterics when this ends exactly the way I know it will end.  I should have retreated, calmed down and kept my comments to myself.  But I couldn't help it.  I just don't want Matt, or anyone else, to get the impression my reaction had anything to do with non existent feelings I'm sure Matt likes to think I have for him.  Whatever.  If I were straight I would be married and on my third kid by now.  But then I wouldn't be able to suck a dick ever again.  Eh.

I think I may have to dump him as a friend.  Let's see what that will do for his ego.

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