Thursday, June 30, 2011

Insomnia's a cunt

Guess I got some shit weighing on my mind.  Can't go to sleep.  I've beaten myself off raw, I've tried watching Inception, which usually has me knocked out fifteen minutes in.  I saw that dude Trey online so I chatted him up for a bit.  We ended up talking till about 3 am but he had to go to bed cause he had to be at work early.  Seems like a cool guy.  I'm interested in getting to know more.  Flirted online with two other guys for a bit but neither really caught my attention.  A blow job at the most.  Talked to Jaime for a bit.  As usual we just ignore our last disagreement and pretend everything is ok till it just is.  Really getting tired of that dance.  Sometimes I think I've outgrown Jaime.  Like fucking and fighting and being friends for the past ten years may have been enough for me.  Maybe I learned the lessons he was brought into my life to teach me already and it's time to move on.  A season.  Not a lifetime.  My mind is too groggy to think this deeply about things.  I'm gonna try beating off one more time then I'm dosing myself with Nyquil.

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