Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's like Sex and the City. Only blacker.

Jaime and my sister Santana were over last night hanging out.  We watched a couple of movies, had some pizza.  Jaime and I smoked, downed a cheap 30 pack and played vintage arcade games on his lap top using a new emulator he downloaded recently.  Santana took advantage of our bro-time and my on demand and caught up with her vagina-tv.

After a couple hours of tuning out shit like Basketball Wives and Oprah: Behind the Music, the comedic overacting of Stacy Dash and the rest of the extremely good looking cast of VH1's new show, Single Ladies.

Here's the premise.  Clueless'es Dionne and Cher (now on her third recast) sell Brittany "Tai" Murphy  some bad shit at a Cougar Convention and she ends up dead.  They go on the run, change their names and move to Hotlanta where they befriend stripper turned video hoe thief Diamond from the Players Club.  She's on the run herself for stealing Ice Cube's street cred.  Best part?  They're slutty as shit!

Single Ladies - Christina Carter - Keisha Greene - Valerie Stokes
We started taking shots every time LisaRaye stands in an odd position in order to contort her waist to look slimmer.  Or when LisaRaye crosses her arms awkwardly underneath her flotation device-like boobs to hold her cleavage up to her neck.  Or when someone has a long block of expositional dialogue in order to over explain what's going on.  Our game ended quickly when we realized we bit off more than we can chew.
Despite the cheese factor of it all somehow it works.  It's one of those craptastic television shows your almost embarrassed to enjoy but would never miss.


  1. I have never heard of this movie, will have to check it out. Was it any good?

  2. It's a show on Vh1. I took a bit of liberty with the plot.