Monday, June 20, 2011

"You ruined your beautiful penis!!!" - Slutty Iotis

I met up with Dante for dinner and ice cream yesterday. Afterwards we played on the playground near his apartment and caught up with one another. It was nice. I almost forgot about how much I once cared about him. The conversation flowed just as easily as it did when we first started dating. He kept trying to bust me out how boring I found listening to him go on and on about working at his new campus. I told him he couldn't be more wrong. Dante still manages to fascinate me. There's just something about him. We went back to his place where I tried my best to make interaction with The Leprechaun, Jason's ex and Dante's room mate, as awkwardless as possible. Watched Way of the Gun on Netflix and downed the leftover Hooter's hot wings from earlier. Way of the Gun. Best opening scene of all-time. Sarah Silverman as the hot cunt.

We stayed up till almost 4 in the morning.  Just talking.  He discussed our last interaction and why it bothered the both of us.  We talked about his issues with Jason and the problems he had with my joining him on our road trip.  Again, it was nice.  I couldn't help but to kiss him.  We took it to the bedroom where I discovered THE METAL ROD THROUGH HIS DICK!!!  Right through the head.  "What the fuck do you expect me to do with that?" I asked him after I bombarded him with twenty questions I had about the experience of getting a needle shoved through your junk.  Pee DOES spray every where if you aren't careful.  My curiosity turned into arousal and although I didn't allow Dante to seal the deal (I'm a lady goddammit) we did enjoy our time together.

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