Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Did he REALLY just "break up" with me?

Had an interesting conversation with DeeJay earlier. It seems due to my "blossoming friendship" with his ex-Jose, I've somehow become a reminder of his heart ache and needs to "take a break" from us. 


What. THE FUCK?!?

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that line of logic. 

I'm confused.  The only time I've hung out with Jose since their break up was dinner at Dante's months ago.  And that was completely inadvertently after James and the Leprechaun brought him along to pick me up.  What's fucked up is that Jose got shit faced at the bar the night before and had to spend the night at Dante's.  Of course I didn't mention that to DeeJay,  I copped to still maintaining a friendly relationship with Jose but it's not my place to bust anyone who may have decided otherwise.  So according to DeeJay, me and Jose are great friends and he needs time to get over that cause he would never ask me to choose sides.  Really?

I didn't react well to all the dramatics.  With everything going on with the family at the moment I was a little stressed out.  I admit, I may have taken out a bit of my frustrations on DeeJay.  In my defense, this is the same crap he pulled on Dante back when he had to "get over his feelings" for him and wasn't able to deal with our seeing each other.  What-the fuck-ever.  I told him I wasn't up for this high school girl bullshit and not to be so certain I'm gonna care enough when he decides I'm worthy of his friendship again.

What's odd is just last night I was messaging back and forth with Jose about heading over to Matt's birthday party tomorrow.  I was over at DeeJay's last night.  Either he took a quick at my lap top when I wasn't looking or he has access to Jose's accounts cause the timing of his little bitch fit is just too coincidential. 

This is why I didn't have any gay friends for so long. Grr.

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