Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern over Homosexual drama

I've been wondering for some time lately whether being Jaime's friend is worth some of the unnecessary drama he brings into my life.  It feels like anytime we're doing something out of the usual sitting in the man cave getting high, playing video games, and drinking there's some kind of bullshit involved.

Like yesterday.  From the moment I saw him he was being a pissy douche bag cause he had a bad day at work.  Then when we went to pregame it at China's before watching the Green Lantern movie he copped an attitude because I had the audacity to run off ahead of him cause I had to take a leak.  What's worse, when China walked away to open the door to let the 19 year old child Jaime's been seeing since before I left on my spirit journey, Jaime decides to catch me up on his desire to just be friend's with the guy.  Quickly adding he wishes he would have come to that conclusion before sleeping with him.  Whatever.  I'm not bothered either way.  Jaime and I are just friends now.  We can see who we want to.  But be fucking honest at least.  The child didn't seem to get the memo on just being friends with Jaime cause he was all over him, pretty desperately.  Jaime didn't do anything to discourage him either.  My thing is, why fucking go to the trouble of telling me something that isn't true.  The whole thing rang way to familiar considering our past with The Retard.  I feel like maybe it's time to cut my loses.  We had fun while it lasted but being friends for ten years isn't necessarily a good enough reason to remain friends.

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