Saturday, June 11, 2011

DeeJay: I have these new power bars. Lots of protein. Slutty: I take a mouthful of jizz at least once a week. My protein intake is fine.

I've made it a point to reconnect with good friends as much as possible since my return to Chicago.  Spent the evening with my good buddy DeeJay.  We played video games, watched movies, caught up on some shows I missed while I was on the road and caught up with one another over pizza and "potpourri".   

The last time I spoke to DeeJay it didn't go so smoothly.  I was on the farm in Virginia on my spirit journey.and I had just come back from smoking some loud on a mountain in Maryland after hiking up it for over two hours to see a breathtakingly serene  waterfall.  I was zen.  Minimal distraction.  I hadn't blogged in weeks, I barely spoke to anyone back home.  It was just me and my thoughts.  No outside influence.  So when I talked to DeeJay and he was just going on and on and on about what an asshole Jose was for doing what it was he did to him and how he hates him for it, I tried steering the conversation to a more positive light.  I took a more "I Will Survive" approach when all he wanted to do was vent.  I just wasn't the right person to vent to at the moment.  He got annoyed, and whined I wasn't the right person to talk to about this.  I agreed and sincerely wished him luck in finding that person and didn't think about it again until today.  I think he took the tiniest bit of joy in telling me he called Dante afterwards and vented successfully to him.

Soon afterwards he left me an angry message because he couldn't find a Redbox movie.  A couple days before I left Chicago I took it upon myself to organize his scattered dvds and blueray disks back on his rack.  Prone to messiness, (to put it lightly) DeeJay decides to take out his frustrations in blaming me for the missing disk.  I calmly reminded him what a pig he is and that the disk is probably in the rack where I'm sure he couldn't be bothered to look through.  (It was.)  I decided it would be best to not communicate with him for the rest of my trip.

I'm glad we got a chance to clear the air.  Being on the road gave me a lot of time with my thoughts.  I was able to prioritize my life and the people in it.  DeeJay made the cut.

I also made sure to clear the air about the time I hung out with Jose after they broke up.  I was kinda surprised he still hadn't heard about it.  I'm glad I got to be the one to tell him.  I was honest.  I told him the truth.  But only what is my business to tell.  I didn't say anything else I know.

Slutty to DeeJay:  
"Do you mind if -someone- comes over to bring me sandwiches and blow jobs?"  DeeJay to Slutty:  
"Don't get cum on my comforter."  
Slutty to DeeJay: 
"We wont.  He swallows." 

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