Friday, June 10, 2011

Coke heads, coke heads, roly poly coke heads...

I had a talk with Markie today.  I asked him if he wanted to come over to my place and party in the future to not bring Abe over anymore.  I just can't take what a hype he's turned into and how he always manages to argue with Markie over who's turn it is to bust out a few lines for everyone or when he feels Markie isn't dishing out the coke quick enough for him.  The last straw was the other day when Markie and Abe came over to share some bumps and beers.  My buddy Byron and his fiance happened to stop by as well and I could tell how annoyed Abe was at having to wait for his next line the whole time they were there.  When I returned after excusing myself for the bathroom Markie and Abe were gone.  No goodbye.  No explanation, though I knew exactly why they left.

Next time I brought it up to Markie after giving him the cold shoulder for a couple days he told me ABe started pressing him to leave as soon as I walked out the room.  Fucking crack head.  I told Markie I don't need or want people like that in my life.

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