Saturday, July 16, 2011


What. The FUCK.

After having a conversation earlier this week about Dante and I just being platonic and really enjoying my new found friendship with him I had to eat shit when I slept with him again last night/this morning.

DJ, Dante and I had dinner and drinks after watching the new Harry Potter movie (not a fan of the series but I actually enjoyed this one). Dante and I joked about coming full circle seeing as we met watching the last Harry Potter. After heading to Dante's to give him a chance to freshen up since he met us right after work and a couple pregame drinks, we headed out to a club about 45 minutes outside the city where a friend of DJ's was spinning. It was a great time. Of course DJ wasn't feeling the music, mostly because it wasn't his, and about an hour in he left. Good thing Dante and I know him enough to have thought ahead and took separate cars. Dante and I had a couple more drinks and danced. On the ride back I couldn't help but feel drawn to him. Our arms kinda folded into one another and it wasn't long after we went to bed once we got back to his apartment that we were all over one another.
"I want you."
That was all the encouragement Dante needed.  His head was hungrily in between my ass cheeks, getting me ready.   As soon as he entered me I was reminded of his new piercing.  After drunkenly deciding to myself it wasn't a big deal I gave it a try and quickly, and vocally, decided otherwise.  After Dante removed his piercing we continued but I must have sobered up somewhere during the do cause I remember thinking "What the hell am I doing?" and promptly put on the brakes.  Dante was more than understanding and we even spent most of today together.  We talked about it.  Reassured one another that it was simply an "old habits die hard" type thing and that no feelings are involved here.  We went out for some cheese and bacon for the Gouda mac-n-cheese and burgers he made us for lunch.  When we got off the elevator to the grocery store we heard a loud and echoing "ping".  "That wasn't?" I ask instantly knowing the answer.  I looked down and there was Dante's dick piercing on the floor in front of us.  When I asked him to take it off the night before he lost the ball that closes it and his dick hoop just drops out the bottom of his madras.  At the grocery store.  In front of everybody.


  1. Hilarious. If there was no feeling involved why not just sleep wiyh Dante.

  2. there are no feelings between Dante and I, but I am really starting to fall for Trey. I just don't want a repeat of the cycle I got into with Jaime. I need to draw a line between friends, and people I sleep with.