Monday, July 25, 2011

Lazy Sundays

Decided to have a one of my Day without Pants yesterday. Had a pretty busy day running around finding something decent to wear for my uncles 70-something birthday Taconazo (niza, some shit like that). Basically they hired a Mexican to man the grill and serve everyone tacos. Kinda like slavery. This after joining Trey for breakfast and the handicapped pride parade early in the morning. It's things like his going to the handicapped pride parade even though his job didn't mandate that have me so smitten. He wanted to support his clients and employees and friends. I found out he was at Slut Walk this year too. Joined my cousins for some shots, smoked with the douche-in-law, got back home to Trey waiting for me with a bag full of an assortment of candies and as movie. (Insidious. Ugh, what a let down of a potentially great movie.) It was a good night.
Trey and I taking the el in to the handicapped pride parade.
Been just laying about all afternoon after waking up late in the morning holding on to Trey tightly.  We spent the rest of the day in various states of undress, gorging on Sour Patch Kids, Lemon heads, and Star Bursts, and each other and polishing off whatever was leftover of the vodka infused chocolate whip cream from the other night, on each other. Later in the evening we had some greasy food delivered and watched Mommie Dearest and Once Bitten, two of my child hood favorites.  I remember loving movies like Mommie Dearest and Hairspray (the original, and only).  I was drawn to, even though I barely understood enough to know what was going on to Absolutely Fabulous.  How the hell did I not know I was gay till my early twenties?  I used to have the biggest hard on for Jim Carey in Once Bitten.Trey and I both agreed. Best. Danceoff. Ever.

 I still find myself tossing out any wire hangers that find my way into my closets.

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