Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look but don't touch

Matt came over for some beer, smoke and a PS3 Mortal Kombat tournament. We caught up. I told him about Trey, he told me about his trip. Now, I know it to be habitual for him to show interest in me when I'm preoccupied with someone else (Dante, Ron) but I was a bit surprised by how blantant he was last night.

"I don't even remember what your hard on looks like. I just remember the foreskin is tight around your head."

Now this is on the couch playing video games, legs touching. After he's already taken every chance to show me his new L.A. tan lines. I had to admit. He looked good. Manlier. Newly 21. I got hard. I showed it to him. I didn't expect him to reach for it so quickly. So I put it away and excused myself to the bathroom. "If you don't let me suck your dick now, I'll never do it again," he called out behind me. "You do you," I responded. It's been my mantra lately. Truth is, I feel guilty about even showing Matt my dick. This thing with Trey and I is still so new but he has made it clear he has no interest in dating anyone else right now. Anyone except me. I hate to admit. I feel the same way. I have the butterflies in my stomach when I talk to him. I get that giddy anticipation when I think about him. I feel those sparks when we make the simplest physical contact. Just his elbow brushing up against me while we're on the el heading into downtown for a movie. Or his knee resting against the side of my leg while we're sitting in the sand watching the waves of Lake Michigan crashing in. Kissing him is the best. At first we didn't go all the way because of my lube deficiency, now it's cause we wanted to wait for it to be special. Not against the side of a bathroom stall, or on my couch while we "watched dvds". I really like Trey. He really likes me. I don't want to fuck it up already.


  1. How long have you been dating Trey. Have you told Matt how you don't want to mess things up with Trey, so he doesn't come on to you again.

  2. It's been a couple weeks. But we've been spending alot of time together. That's why I haven't had too much time to blog lately. Matt and I discussed how much I like Trey, I'm pretty sure that's why he was almost desperate in his come ons. We didn't talk about it after I turned him down on the couch but I'm planning on having that discussion with him very soon.