Monday, July 11, 2011

There should be a warning on Vodka Infused Chocolate Whip Cream cans. DO NOT mix with Gin.

Trey and I learned this the hard way.  These look like scat shots.

"You're earning my trust fast and your consistient. You hold me like you mean it. You want me. And you'll let me cry in front of you. You'lltell me things that hurt you and respect me when I say I dont want to do something." Trey
After hearing more and more of Trey's side of the story I'm realizing I'm digging him more and more, and disliking Jason more.  Seems the reason Trey has been estranged from his mother was due to what Jason told her after they broke up, and if it was as one sides and wrong as what he tried to tell me I'm surprised Trey isn't the one to want to inflict bodily harm on Jason.  

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