Friday, July 8, 2011

Second friend to "break up" with me in less than a month. I'm starting to get a complex here, guys.

I've been actively flirting with Trey for a couple of weeks now.  We hung out a couple times.  Watched some tv and ordered late night delivery.  It's early.  We're still in the getting to know one another stage but I'm seeing potential early on.  We've been meshing so well.  He's so chill, has a lot of the same interests as I do.  He's a case worker for a non for profit that works with people with special needs who may not be able to or have no one to help them go shopping and household chores.  Considering my past working at the high school with the specialized services department I was instantly smitten by that.  Adorable in a very non cocky way, though he admits he knows just how hot he really is.  He's manly, but not scared to express how he feels.  Something, I've been known to have issues with myself.  The emotional sharing.  It's just not me.  I'm not up for the big public displays of affection. But with Trey it's been different.  He handed me a cigarette while we waited for the light to change during a walk downtown.  But instead of taking it with my hand, I leaned over and took it with my mouth.  It felt natural and it wasn't until he lit it for me that I even thought to look to see if anyone was watching.  I also realized I didn't care if there was.

This being said.

I get a disturbing message from Jason this afternoon asking me about the nature of my relationship with Trey.  Seems Trey is Trey as in the "evil Trey" I've heard mentioned once our twice from Jason's past.  FML.  I never connected the dots.  It never crossed my mind to think this was the same Trey.  I didn't even think "evil Trey" lived in Chicago.  So Jason goes into an extended rant about all the horrible things Trey has done to him.  Things I don't feel are Jason's place to tell me if true, but if not, make me question Jason's own integrity.  But things none the less I had no choice but to question Trey about.  For my own safety and integrity's sake.

Trey seemed genuinely taken back at the extent of Jason's animosity towards him.  Especially since they only exclusively dated for less than six months a very long time ago.  As for the "bombs" Jason tried hitting me with back to back, each time pausing to see if this was gonna be the thing to convince me of what a horrible piece of shit Trey is.  All I'm gonna say is we ALL have a past.  We've all done things we're not necessarily proud of.  Some people have been in situations where they have had to do things they wouldn't usually do as a means of survival.  It doesn't make them bad people just because some people decide to judge them.  As for the question regarding my health.  There's nothing to worry about.  It's something Jason likes to tell people to turn them against him.  Actually that was the moment I stopped Jason from  continuing on with his Trey bashing.  After he threatened him physically and "warned" he never to bring him around when he is I began to get heated.  He asked me where Trey was living and I told him I wouldn't further discuss this with him cause we seem to have two different views and aren't going to agree.  I also told him that as I would do in the presence of anyone I genuinely care about if he were to physically attack Trey I will have no choice but to get involved.  Regardless of how much bigger Jason is than me.  I will FUCK.  HIM.  UP.  I road tripped with him for over a month.  He's nothing but a big ass twelve year old.

Dante even backed up my decision to tell Jason to "do you" when he threw down the ultimatum.  "I have to question the integrity of any person who chooses to associate with this person and I'm not sure if I can continue this friendship with you if you do."  I barely have known Jason for six months.  He's still a new friend and doesn't get the same consideration and blind loyalty I have for say DJ and Jaime.  Even Dante as my latest relationship turned good friend gets a higher billing.  Dante himself has been having his own issues with Jason stemming from his last monthly stay with him before our road trip.  Mostly money but Dante feels though not holding any ill will towards his "former brother" he has decided not to put too much into continuing their friendship. He even went as far as to say he was worried Jason would act the way he is about Trey towards The Leprechaun.  During my trip I saw first hand there are alot of qualities Jason has that I don't look for in a friend.  I also couldn't help note that not once has Trey said a bad thing about Jason. Jason is the angry one who is taking it a bit too far.  Push comes to shove, I think when it's all said and done, it's Jason, not Trey, who I may be better off with not in my life.  Hope this gut feeling is right.

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