Thursday, May 19, 2011

bitchy arabian bears aren't the best morning people

Let me start off by saying I love Jason.  I think he has a good heart and I'm so thankful to be given the opportunity to see the country, and meet cool and interesting people.

I'm a pretty laid back, chill guy.  When things bother me I can usually just let it roll off my back.  I internalize and move on.  Usually.  There are certain personality traits and characteristics I just can't deal with.

I can't help taking notice of particular behavioral patterns my road trip partner displays at times.

This morning Jason has a meeting at some high end car dealership.  While I was here I figured I'd take a tour of NCU.  Perhaps meet up with Jason's "adult" photographer friend who we matched blunts with last night along with one of her "models". Wink, wink.  Maybe meet up with one of the local guys I've been chatting with in case I needed something to kill an extended period of time.

I get up around 8:30 am.  His meetings at 10:30.  I figured I'd shower and get ready while he's still snoring and smacking his lips like he's sucking a ham bone.  He bellows awake 9:30ish.  First thing out of his mouth:

"You need to hurry up cause I have to start getting ready."


Now, I've bitten my tongue previously but that shit only goes so far.  I calmly, but pointedly, inform him I've been up for hours preparing for and planning out my day and I was waiting for him to get up before I jump in the shower since I wanted to use my beard trimmer before hand and didn't want to disturb him since he doesn't usually get to sleep in.  That and I'm a man.  It will take me ten minutes to get ready.

Of course he has to continues nagging like the woman he is.  I called him on it and it just went back and forth for a while until I ask him if there is any real problem he is having with me that this unnecessary bitchiness may be stemming from.  After his shower he mumbles that he woke up with a bad sinus infe  ction and was in a bad mood.  I guess that's wannabee alpha bear talk for "I'm sorry."

This hasn't been the first time but it hasn't been frequent enough to really be a problem yet.  Overall we've been getting along great.  But once again the DeeJay rules apply.  I understand why he can put on this abrasive front but underneath he's obviously an awesome guy.  But he's like a big ass twelve year old.  He needs constant attention and it can be a bit exhausting at time.  Then he acts up.  It just seems like there aren't many people willing... or capable, of putting Jason in his place when needed and call him on his bullshit.  Like I've told him from one alpha dog to the poser, "We're gonna be in a car for extended periods of time.  It's best to put aside any needless attitude and chest puffing and get along."

 And why couldn't he just tell me checkout was at 1pm?  "Har, har."  How the fuck is that even a joke.  Just like a goddamn, big ass twelve year old. 

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