Sunday, May 1, 2011

...Can I breathe yet?

Spent most of the morning laying about, four to China's cramped, twin sized bed.  Polish at the head to my foot of the bed, Jaime besides me.  Nursing various stages of hang overs with Red bulls, cigarettes and bacon sandwiches we watched black women empowerment films on cable. 

I woke up yesterday afternoon at around 4pm to Jaime shaking me awake.  Xonked out my brain from Jason's Xanax the night before I slept the entire day away and completely forgot about Polish's birthday BBQ.  After stopping to pick up some more supplies.  Chips, chasers, energy drinks, skins.  I fired up the pretty expensive grill Polish bought (and left at China's as a gift) and downed copious amounts of polish vodka.  I built a make shift sling shot lawn chair for shooting vodka down our throats.  I only skinned my knee when I was shot into the fence.  "Small price to pay to the party gods!" Ten cool points to whoever can name that movie.

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