Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moving on. It's a two way street.

I've noticed Jason's been dropping an excessive amount of hints to try and lure me into a conversation about Dante.  I've ignored it on the most part.  I just have no interest in a third party opinion on my failed relationship.  But when I went out for a cigarette after Wii and wine with Jason's new room mate last night, I couldn't help over hearing a conversation between Jason and Dante.  Couldn't help mostly because Jason felt the need to put the conversation on speaker phone when he noticed me.

Seems as much as Jason tries to assure me his recent issues with his best friend have nothing to do with me; there it was right out of the Dante's mouth.  He feels Jason taking me along for the ride cross country was a slap in the face of their friendship.  He said he's still dealing and getting over things and it doesn't help to feel like his brother's loyalty to him is being put into question.  Jason lashed back reminding Dante he had asked him his opinion regarding the situation and he pretended it didn't matter to him.  I'm not sure what Dante's problem is.  If we're moving on and over it why the hell those he have to worry about anything I do?  I know there are other issues regarding money Jason seems to owe him and other things but why do I even need to be a concern to him?  He isn't to me.

I just can't help wondering about the spin Jason seems to put on everything.  He has on more than one occasion told someone I asked him to go on his trip with him when in fact he asked me several times leading up to our departure.  I didn't even decide till the morning of to join him, quickly packing.  I figured when am I gonna get the chance to drive through the country for a month?  What's keeping me in Chicago.  There's no one to hold me back.

I thought Dante and I would at least be able to be friends after I broke with him, twice.  It's not looking good.  Really, i'm realizing he isn't the type of person I even want surrounding me.  I have rarely said one bad word about him to Jason.  I asked Jason if he could say the same thing about Dante talking about me. 

Now that Jason's on the receiving end of Dante's neurosis he seems more understanding of my side of the story.  I just feel bad to think I came between the their friendship.

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