Friday, August 19, 2011

The Ex Effect

Jaime invited me over to his place to hang out tonight. It's been almost two months since I've seen him last.  Grabbing a bottle of Jager, smoking some green, and playing some Retro duo while catching up and testing the temperature between us would have been cool.  Unfortunately I already made dinner plans with my sister, Savannah, who I haven't spent any time with in over two weeks due to busy or conflicting schedules and both of us having boyfriends.  I came this close to asking Jaime to join us for dinner tonight but I had already invited Trey and his Asian fag-hag, the awesomely fabulash Dani.  Usually this wouldn't be a issue.  Despite my inner turmoil over whether to continue my friendship with Jaime or not, I don't foresee any problem with Jaime and Trey meeting and hanging out but I have noticed a trend.  Out of the seven friends Trey has met of mine so far, three I have been in some sort of sexual relationship with.  And two are married.  You do the math.  I had to make the same pause earlier this week when Gilberto had us over for one of his "hotel getaways" downtown.  Matt invited me out for a couple drinks and since he recently came back from out of town again I thought it would be cool to invite him.  Another ex.

Besides, most notably, Satan, his in-n-out brother and the big lipped Puerto Rican, I've been able to maintain some sort of acquaintance or friendships with my ex boyfriends.  I don't think there's anything wrong with that.  I actually take it as a testament to my wining personality.  With an exception of a few, my relationships have ended on a positive note.  I'm overall an honest person and I take my relationships seriously.  But sometimes people grow apart and something you believed you once wanted can some day suddenly be not worth the trouble.  Me and Deejay have been able to move past the bullshit of a relationship I don't think I was ready for cause of my at the time and his anger at me over it to a pretty good friendship.  Despite some character flaws I overlook.  Abe and I are still cool despite our couple year long fuck buddy relationship.  Sex, though easy to come by, has never been too important to me.  Taking sex out of the equation for me doesn't make me any less interested in having them in my life.

But after the problems that happened the night of Jun's birthday party when Trey met Dante, I just feel like maybe my boyfriend has been made to befriend enough people who have seen me naked with a smile for some time.  I'm trying to do things differently here.  I want to make this one last.  I think it's time I readjust a couple tendencies of mine that may have been inadvertently sabotaging my past relationships.  It just so happens I haven't spoken to Dante in some time but it really isn't that important to have him in my life anymore.

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